Thursday, May 22, 2008

I wore Jams and Hypercolor

To be honest with you, I’m not too cool. Here are a few reasons.

I played Dungeons and Dragons as a middle schooler, and I can still recite most of the rules.

I can tell you the definition of “Geek” as it applies to a circus

I once had a t-shirt that said “Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes”

Have thought about creating “This American Life Trading Cards”

Played Clarinet in Band

Competed in more than 6 events in Speech and Debate

Can comment on the irony of using “Ride of The ride of theValkyries” when

destroying a small village in Vietnam

I’m still not sure that I tie my shoes correctly

Sometimes when I’m having a bad day I pretend I have super powers

I’m nerdy enough to have a blog, but not cool enough to update it very often

Have allergies

I wear glasses, but don’t look good in thick plastic ones.

Never played sports with any degree of sincerity.

Can speak intelligently about the Muppet Movies.

I’ve only shared a secret handshake with one person.

I try to text message with proper grammar and punctuation

I used to pretend I was an under cover agent. Like in 21 Jump Street, only my

parents had to drive me places.

I remember 21 Jump Street.

One time I went an entire day not noticing that one of the lenses on my glasses had fallen out.

Some times after a good day, I like to pretend I have super powers

I’ve done improv

I know that the second Indiana Jones movie was a prequel

My life was almost ruined by a George Orwell book

Can tell the difference between butter and “I can’t Believe it’s not butter.”

I’m pretending that I have super powers right now.

I pretended to have crushes on people in middle school so that I would seem cool

and heart broken.

I make lists.

Pew Pew Pew! I’m shooting you with my laser hands!

Take that Iron Face! I’m Energy Hands Man!

Bah….Energy Hands Man, you’re so cool.